# TunFish https://github.com/tunfish/ ## About Create a convenient VPN infrastructure on top of secure WireGuard_ tunnels. ## Howto This runbook will guide you through the process of setting up an appropriate testbed environment. It will provision a number of Vagrant machines and configure them to talk to each other in order. After that, you will easily be able to conduct connectivity tests and continue with further experiments. ## Setup This section will guide you through setting up a development/testing sandbox on your machine. Acquire source repository:: git clone https://github.com/tunfish/tunfish-system Make Vagrant provision and spin up all machines configured in this environment:: vagrant up ## Network layout There are three machines ``"tf-crossbar"``, ``"tf-portier"``, ``"tf-gateway-1"`` and ``"tf-client-1"``, completely provisioned by Vagrant. Here is a short overview as an introduction. Please read this section carefully. ## Machines Public facing hosts:: WAMP broker Gateway server 1 DMZ hosts:: Portier server VPN clients:: Client 1